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he new craze in entertainment is a giant inflatable ball or Zorb Water Ball. It comes in many different varieties and they all have their different functions. Here are some of the different types.

A giant beach ball is about 3 meters in diameter. It is usually used at events where people lift up each others’ spirits and get everyone involved in an activity. The ball is then used to pass around and all the people get a change to keep it airborne.

Other giant inflatable balls can be used for group activities such as rolling, kicking and bouncing. It will not hurt you like a normal netball ball would as it is not hard at all. The functions of these type of balls are endless and they are therefore very handy to have around, especially if you have to entertain a group of children.

Another type of giant ball is called a human sphere. They are similar to giant hamster balls, having you run around and around inside of them. They can also be rolled by someone from the outside giving it a firm push. You can manage the rolling action from inside as well by pushing it with your hands as you move along. The faster you run, the faster it will roll.

Another type of human sphere is made so that you can walk on water inside of it. It is also called a water ball and are similar to the ones used for racing. The only difference is that it is made for use on water. You simply climb in, have it inflated, close the zip and you are set. You can now roll around, run around or walk around on the surface of the water without getting wet. If you prefer, you can just laze inside it and have it drift around on top of the water.

A game called pushball has been created to accommodate these large balls. There would be two teams, each trying to push the ball over the line and into their goal area. The ball used is also 1.8 meter but it is a bit heavier than the giant beach ball. The reason for this is that it should not hop away when pressure is put on it like a person pushing it hard towards his goal area.

The last type of ball we will be discussing is called the Zorb ball. It is also called globe riding or sphering and was started in 1995 in New Zealand. A zorb ball consists of two different layers of pvc that are connected to each other by ropes. You then climb inside the inside layer and are strapped down into the body. The zorb is then pushed down a hill or specified area. You roll around and around within the ball, causing hours of exciting entertainment.

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