About inflatable bouncers

Inflatable moonwalks and bouncers keep your children entertained. They are also sometimes referred to as bounce houses. These kind of controlled entertainment products are best suited for birthday parties and celebrations. A bouncer or a moonwalk is great, if you have a number of children in your home. Toy stores provide inflatable bouncers for sale which allow kids to jump and bounce back in the air. The nets at the sides prevent children from falling into the ground. They require only minimal space and are easy to be set up. This has encouraged many parents to buy these objects for children. Setting them can be quite simple.

Before setting them up you must find the right space to place them. There are certain requirements that must be taken care of. The area must be flat and must be suited to fit the base of the bouncer. The surroundings must be free of any sharp tree branches or roots. Such things can be harmful both for kids and bouncers. In order to prevent the bouncers from bursting, clear the area from any low branches.

The power code of the bouncer should be connected to the nearest outlet. A 100 volt household power is enough to inflate the bouncer. However, the safety of using them lies in your hands. No other objects should be connected to the outlet in which the bouncer is connected. If your house is nearby, then it would be easy to connect them to the outlet. If it is far away, then you might need a generator to operate them.

You need not add any extra pressure to inflate the bouncer. It inflates itself. After it is ballooned give some time before you allow the kids to start jumping. After sufficient air is filled in and the bouncer sets, make sure that it is firmly placed in the ground and does not move. Driving stakes on the corners will ensure fixedness. Stakes must be placed in a slanting position, facing away from the bouncer. This will prevent the bouncer from bursting due to pressure from the stakes. Velcro grips must always remain closed. All openings can be closed except one.

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