The easiest way to maintain your jumping castles

The easiest way to maintain your jumping castles is in fact to hand out a cautionary pamphlet to your customers. This pamphlet would outline the basic rules and regulations for safe use of the equipment and ensure that it is in the same condition as when it was hired out.

Some examples of the cautionary advice are:

No shoes on jumping castles
No food or drink on jumping castles
No jewellery or glass
No pets

Supervision of children necessary at all times

As long as customers follow these instructions your equipment should return to you in more or less the same state as it was hired out. As a precaution it is advisable that a quick inspection of the equipment be undertaken before it is reclaimed.

Usually the only damage on equipment is caused by wear and tear. This more often than not results in a tear in the seams which would require re-stitching. It is very rare that an actual hole will appear on the panelling of the jumping castle as this is a result of a sharp object puncturing the material. This should not happen. Smaller holes can be repaired with puncture kits but larger holes will result in an entire panel being replaced.

This can be quite costly. If the precautionary pamphlet is followed severe damages like this should not occur. It is strongly recommended that you include the pamphlets contents in a hire agreement contract.

And so maintaining your Y&G jumping castles need not be a nightmare. Simply ensure that your customers are informed of the rules and your business maintenance can be dream.

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