Why children love inflatable water slides in summer

Inflatable water slide is one of the most popular water sports. Inflatable water slide is one kind of large inflatable toys.The material of inflatable water slide is 0.55mm 18oz pvc tarpaulin which is waterproof and fire resistant. The water pool is manufactured by using heat sealing technology to keep a good sealing effect. It’s very easy to use inflatable water slide. Open the package and connect the outlet on the air blower. Then plug in the power, it’s done after 5 minutes. After that, put the water pipe on the slide. What’s more, remember fix the inflatable water slide on the ground for safety. Everything is ready now, open the water valve, it’s time to play!

Some people bought the inflatable water slide for their kids. The size of this kind water slide for family using is not too big and suitable for the yard. Mrs. Vivian bought east inflatable water slide for her daughters this summer. It’s bright in color and looks like an orange butterfly. It saves much space because of circular design and can accommodate six kids at the same time. Especially, fashionable arched style on slide’s lane will make players fly! Princesses will invite their friends to hold a water party in this weekend.

If you haven’t owned an inflatable water slide, it doesn’t matter, just go to KIDS PARTY with your family! Inflatable water slide is not only welcomed by kids but also by adults. Generally, the KIDS PARTY has two kinds of water slides. One is for 4-10 years old children with lower height. Such as inflatable water slide whose height is 11.4 feet. Another is for kids or adults young in heart with higher height. Such as inflatable water slide whose height is 19.6feet. In the KIDS PARTY, inflatable water slide is one of the most attractive games.

It’s a fantastic thing that we can play with inflatable water slide in the hot summer. It’s diverse in design, easy to transport and use, safe for kids, and very funny. So, in summer, everyone love inflatable water slide!

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