Different Types of Bounce Houses

Children's Obstacle Courses - Bounce houses shaped like obstacle courses are great for those that want to experience a little bit more than just bouncing around. They are great when it comes to making fun games to participate in whilst on the inflatable Bounce house.

Basketball Court - What better way to score a slam dunk, than when you are able to leap 6 feet into the air thanks to the inflatable Bounce castle that you are on. An inflatable Bounce castle, come basketball court, is the perfect solution for many youngsters who enjoy both activities.

Bungee Run - Experience running whilst attached to a stretchy rope that can only be stretched so much! This is fun for those that are really competitive and think that they have the strength to go the distance. The kids are bound to get worked up on this!

Gladiator Joust - This is for those that want to combine a good old fashioned wrestle with a jump around inside an inflatable Bounce house. You can take your place on the stand, and see who is able to stand up, without falling off, the longest!

Slide - For those that would rather jump down a Bounce house which is at a gradient, you should consider a Bounce house slide. They come in a variety of heights and gradients so you can be sure to find the one that you are looking for.

Character - If you have a character/theme that you child particularly likes, then why not get a Bounce house specific to that? An example is that you can get princess and clown castles, so make your pick and see if it is available.

Events for Which Bounce Houses are perfect

Kid's Birthday Parties - What better way to celebrate a kid's birthday than with a Bounce castle for them to enjoy. Not only will it keep the children and their guests entertained, you will also have to worry less about what they are up to since they will all be in one place.

Theme Parks and Carnivals - If you are organizing a special day for a large crowd then a Bounce house can really steal the show. Not only does it provide an outlet for younger children to enjoy themselves, it also adds to the atmosphere of the park tremendously.

Whatever occasion you wish to use a Bounce house for, ensure that you know exactly what you are getting. If you are wanting to merely get the house without any service attached, then be aware that you may have problems getting it up and getting it down. Whatever you decide to do, remember to get multiple quotes, and most importantly...ensure the kids have a great day!

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