Choose some ways to making your bounce house

Plan and design your inflatable bounce house

There are several designs and themes of bounce houses to choose from. You may search on the internet for designs and also patterns or you can just use a design computer software to personalize the format of your personal bounce house. You could choose to incorporate other features and functions in your bounce house. You can create it simple or perk it up with fun slides, tunnels, climbing walls or obstacle courses. Take into account also the dimensions of the bounce house and the place you will be inserting it. It is wise to create a design that's within your inventive abilities and will not take a lot of time to build. And more importantly, always focus on safety and make sure to make adequate room for the air blower connection.

Select the right air blower

Take into account the size and style of your bounce house when choosing an air blower. You need to also think about the quality of materials, the duration of use, size and strength of the blower.

Cut and also stitch the material

Find the pattern of your design on to your material. Have an inch or more space around the patterns when you cut the parts for easier adjustment in case of mistakes. When you're done cutting, sew the material according to the design of your own bounce house. Follow guidelines and ensure that it is stitched well otherwise it will provide you with bad result and possible accidents.

Attach the air blower

Right after sewing the materials, connect the air blower to the bounce house. Keep in mind to hook up the blower to a stable power supply. Switch on the air blower and hold back until the bounce is well-inflated and prepared for entertainment.

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