Origin of children's jumping castle

Perhaps the history of jumping castle inflatable toys now - jumping castle is no much sense, but I think it's history is necessary to understand or know. I also do not intend to see on Baidu Baike straight, read what other people are also good. Below is the specific content:

The type of early castle mound and the plate is called. Is built into the embankment soil, has a certain width and height, generally fifty feet high. Mound above the large wooden building can not change it, enclosed wooden planks below the mound, known as the board building, used protective  warehouse, livestock fencing, and to live in huts. Mound and the plate is like building a small island, has been excavated trenches filled with water and surrounded by a narrow bridge and the steep trail to connect to each other. When in danger, if the defensive vain board building, then retreat to the defense of force will change it inside.

In the eleventh century, began to replace the soil with stones and wood to build a citadel. Wooden building in the embankment bove change it, change from the large stone building, this fortress fortifications known as the shell, or change it later developed into the fortress. Surrounded by a stone wall will be built and the old fortress of the board and replaced by trench or moat around the other and then set the bridge and gate to the only protection the castle gates. The basic type of the most famous castle fortress, built by William the Conqueror of the Tower of London. It was originally a square building, was painted white in order to attract attention, and later the kings on the walls to see today's construction and improved to enhance its size.

After the Crusades, back to the new defense technologies and siege engineers improved the design of the castle. Extend from the center of concentric castles, block by two or more ring surrounded by walls. Initially to strengthen the walls of the square tower of the defense, and later to change it round. Because the square tower of the corner will be very vulnerable to attack, so that the whole change it easily hit, and the round tower of more resistant. And change it at the top of the walls can be added that more combat readiness, so that they more down attacks.

Although the guns appeared in the early fourteenth century Europe, but until the mid-fifteenth century, and not used to force a battle siege cannon. With the power of artillery improved, people have begun to do in response to changes in the design of the castle. The previous high-risk steep walls are replaced by low sloping walls. To the mid-fifteenth century, due to the expansion of royal power, the castle began to decline. Eleventh century when William the Conqueror claimed that all of the British castle, and from the hands of the nobility to recover them. The thirteenth century, the castle must be built or strengthened the king's consent. Its purpose is to repeal the castle, so that they can not rely on as a rebellion. The castle was abandoned, a quarter of the nobility is still kept, others are reduced to ruins. Since the production of wealth from rural areas to cities, towns enhanced defense facilities but has become more important. Construction of the castle, you can spend less than a year or so to complete, it may be consumed on the two decades. For centuries, the construction of the castle is an important industry, the famous master mason by strong demand, and clustering into a partnership of the castle builders from one place to another place for work. Cities and towns want to hire skilled workers to build the cathedral, and lord also want to hire them to build the castle.

Children's jumping castle in the historical conditions in this birth, children jumping castle for children to experience the
charm of ancient castle, which produce jumping castle. Children's jumping castle inflatable children's castle jumping castle referred to, inflatable trampoline, inflatable toys, inflatable bounce bed. Centrifugal fan blowing Tension and pressure difference between inside and outside the film forming the shape of the toy. Pvc with advanced screening through the use of materials such as sewing machines and other equipment, heat sealing machines processed into some of the same shape as the ancient castle, and then centrifugal fan blowing Tension and the formation of thin-film pressure difference inside and outside toys.

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