How to cleaning Inflatable Castles

Inflatable castles are becoming some of the most popular party entertainment to have. Parents will purchase or rent them to use at birthday parties and businesses will use them during office gatherings or at carnivals. There have even been some people who will create a fun house for kids with nothing but different types of inflatable castles.

Whether you are renting them out or buying them you need to know the best way to keep them clean and well maintained. Cleaning them before you give them back will help to make sure that they do not become damaged and that you are able to receive your deposit back if you put one down.

First you need to have all the children step outside of the castle. Go inside and with a soft bristled broom sweep out any leave, sticks, dirt, and other debris. This will help to keep anything from puncturing it when you are deflating it. When you are done break it down - but do not fold it up. Make sure to unplug it before going any further.

Fill up a bucket with warm water and cleaning solution. Use a sponge and the cleaning solution to wipe down the entire inflatable castle. Make sure that you use a soft sponge. Anything rough or harsh could scratch and tear the fabric of the castle.

After you are cleaned the entire castle you will need to rinse it off with the garden hose. Spread it out as much as possible and allow it to dry all day in the hot sun. It is best to start cleaning during the morning hours so that the heat of the sun will be able to dry it for a longer period.

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