It is important to state that bounce houses do have a limited weight capacity

It is important to state that bounce houses do have a limited weight capacity. The vinyl which these inflatables are produced from may only accommodate so much combined weight. This is why mothers and fathers have to pay close attention to the manufacturer's maximum weight restrictions. If the weight limit is exceeded, the vinyl stitching can split, causing the bounce house to lose its air.

Each bounce house has a maximum occupancy limit, in spite of the total weight of kids. The thought is that there's only a limited amount of surface area for children to play in and around. When too many kids are leaping , they tend to push other children. This may cause minor injuries as well as kids to fall down and get jumped on.

Kids which are playing inside a bounce house definitely have to take off all pointed items prior to stepping into the inflatable. Aside from puncturing the bouncer, sharp objects may come into contact with other children and lead to severe cuts. Standard objects that are sharp include belts, jewelry and many other products typically worn by kids.

The leading reason for severe injuries from inflatable bounce houses stems from the wind. A large inflatable, that is merely vinyl full of air, may very easily get knocked over with a gust of wind. Recent media reports, such as those coming from New York, identify how an inflatable bounce house may indeed go airborne with a major gust of wind. All new bounce houses ship with straps on the sides which must be secured to the lawn. Though such anchoring systems won't protect against large gusts of wind, they can allow fathers and mothers enough time to get the children out and deflate the bounce house until conditions get better. Dads and moms are smart to verify weather conditions before blowing up the bounce house to avert weather related risks altogether.


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