Commercial Bounce House Manufacturer and Wholesaler in China

For most of you, summertime is associated with a vacation, time when people put aside their work, their worries and troubles, and enjoy precious moments of rest with their families, friends and beloved ones. Very few of you, however, realize that summer is a great time to earn some extra cash. Imagine how many times you have heard thrilled screams of your neighbors’ kids, when they rode inflatable slides, bounce house, etc. Or maybe you have heard about a huge playground at the country fair everyone was so excitedly talking about. How many times has it crossed our mind: what does it take to actually do something like this? Is it easy to open a rental business of inflatable moonwalks? Can I do it on my own? Is it hard to set up such a massive inflatable structure? Will I have difficulties renting these bouncers out? How much money do I even need to buy such a jumper? How much money will I make by renting out a bounce house? Even these few questions may already overwhelm your mind. Nevertheless, you have already brought yourself to realize that the inflatable fun business is something you would like to do. So, the next step would be to find professionals, who will render a diligent service, while assisting you in your venture, become your trusted partner and walk with you, side-by-side all the way to the success. The choice is obvious; you need someone who has passed the test of time, taken the pride of industry leadership for over a decade now, proven themselves as a brand. You need someone like Bouncer Depot.

Being a proud member of the crew, I would like to share my expertise with all those guys, who are as passionate about inflatable jumpers as we in the Bouncer Depot are. Being in the business for sixteen years now, we have constantly improved our products. Using cutting edge technology, employing a great team of designers, demonstrating innovative approach has helped us not only thrive in this business, but also speak the word of fashion. We have been the first company to use zippers for faster deflation of inflatable structures, heavy-duty vinyl with glossy coating.

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