The Type Of Inflatables(1)

There are many kinds of inflatables. Now let me introduce Y&G’s factory and then you will have an overview of inflatables.
The first floor of Y&G is sewing workshop. Y&G imported Japanese sewing machines and use the best stitching thread in Guangzhou for the sewing products.
Bouncer is a kind of sewing product,so sewing workshop is the main productive workshop of bouncer. In different places,,bouncer has different names,such as moonwalk,jumper,trampoline,ect. If bouncer designed like a house,people call it inflatable bounce castle or inflatable bounce house. The simpliest bouncer only has mattress, and can be bounced up and down over it. It’s not safe, as you know, especially for kids. So somebody add four walls around and a ceiling on the top, it’s bounce house. When Safety is not the problem, bounce house looks for a beautiful design. And then, dora bouncer and spiderman bouncers appear in people’s sight.
Bouncer become a new kind of exercise in many countries.Because people can have fun with boucers and also do exercises when they are having fun. What’s more,it is convenient for people to arrange a boucer and it just occupy little space.
I personally think everyone likes slides, say nothing of kids.Because of the excite it brings. Slides is also a kinds of sewing product with a smooth slide cover on the slide .Some guys spread a very thin mattress on their lawn and spout water on it and slides on it getting much happiness. Kids like slide from high to ground, and they like cartoon theme on slides. You may have seen elephant slides or santa slides before.
Y&G can make two kinds of slide---Water slide and dry slide.For water slide,people can install the water pipe on the slide.And kids can slide from the top to the bottom with water. It is suitable for summer and for the water parks.For dry slide,it is elfevident that slide without water.No matter in summer or winter, people can use it to have fun.

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