Children Inflatable Bounce House

The bounce houses set up by the Oceanside United Soccer Club in Long Island began to float away after a heavy gust of wind caused the freak accident. When the houses dropped about 12 feet to the ground, they continued to roll, colliding in to people in their path.

Inflatable bounce houses with kids inside to become airborne at a New York annual soccer event yesterday, June 4th. When the inflatable houses touched down, 13 people were left injured, making this amusement ride the second serious amusement park accident occurring in the last few days.

Although police said that most of the injuries were minor, "I don't think there'll be any criminal charges, but I am definite there could be some civil," said Eric Evensen, a Nassau County police officer.

The injured were taken to nearby hospitals, but no sustained life-threatening injuries, according to CNN. However, "You don't like to see kids terrified like that," said Roz Ferrara, a neighbor across the street from where the accident happened. "That's why this thing was so horrific."

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