Y&G wish everybody a happy Christmas

Today is Christmas eve of 2011. First I wish you all a happy Christmas !
I know most of my friend is on holidays now,but I can not help telling everyone that Y&G is holding a exciting promotion for celebrating christmas’s coming!

If you order above 10pcs of sewing inflatables, we can offer you a 10%discount.Don’t you think it is attractive?Let’s join Y&G and start the prospect of inflatables business.

Let me list some reasons to explain why people like inflatables

1、It’s easy to move from place to place.

2、It’s funny. Moonwalk is a good experiment. Children love to bounce as if they were on cloud.
3、Inflatable structure is firmly. “Using the best sewing machines ordered to handle nylon thread we double stitch the entire unit with the best 18 ounce heavy duty Vinyl.”
4、When summer comes, inflatable water slide could give you a unforgetable happiness.
5、During holidays or other events like birthdays, inflatables always play an important part. We can’t imagine how bad the event would be without inflatables.
6、Inflatable sports getting more and more popular nowadays. Tunnels, boxing, obstacles.
7、Many merchants rent inflatables for a living, they like inflatables more than anybody else.
Above I just list some common usage of inflatables that can bring people happiness. Because of these ,the market of inflatbales become more and more flourishing.And inflatables will be a main part of people’s daily life.

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