Choosing an inflatable water slide

Choosing an inflatable water slide is not the most serious decision you will ever have to make, but there are some serious issues to consider:

Safety is the most serious consideration. Inflatable water slides are made for different age levels. Choose a slide that is appropriate for the age of your children now, rather than one they can grow into later. Not only will they be safer, they will enjoy using the slide more, since some inflatable slides made for older children can be frightening to younger kids.

Measure your available space before you choose an inflatable water slide. Make sure there is plenty of room around the slide for the kids to run around.  Locate it on a soft, level surface. Grass is an ideal surface, but think about getting a slide that can easily be moved from place to place on your lawn. Left over time, the water slide can kill the grass.

Outdoor furniture and other large objects should be kept well away from the play area, to help prevent accidents and punctures.

Even if you have a pool, an inflatable water slide makes a great pool accessory for young children who may not be able to play safely in a full-sized swimming pool.

When choosing an inflatable water slide, make price your final consideration. For toddlers, you may want to get an inexpensive, simple slide and then replace it with a more elaborate slide when they get older. While some of the more elaborate models that include two or more slides and large pools can be relatively expensive, they can last for years and can save you the cost of frequent trips to your local water park.

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