Look For an Inflatable Slide

Whether you are buying an inflatable slide that is very small or one that is very large, there are things you should always look for before purchasing.

1. Do not buy a slide from a discount store that is made from nylon. Besides the fact that these are not intended for commercial use, customers will laugh at you if you bring them a residential water slide. They are renting from you because you have something they do not normally see around. They don't want a store-bought slide. They want something unique.

2. Buy from a reputable manufacturer. Make sure the manufacturer follows all ASTM standards.

3. Buy a slide with welded seams if you are looking to purchase a water slide. This will help prevent the water slide from getting water inside of it. When water gets inside the unit it makes the slide extremely heavy.

4. Buy something that is unique. If all of your competition in town has the same slide, the customer may go with whoever is the cheapest. Avoid this by getting a unit that is unique. This seems intuitive, but is something you should consider before purchasing.

5. Buy a versatile slide. Get a slide that could be used for large events, but can be small enough to fit in most nice backyards. You won't find something that is good for every single event but you certainly can find something that fits most.

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