Y&G Inflatable Screens for Live Broadcast Events

Inflatable movies screens are a popular way to show movies outdoors at festivals, school events, parks, churches, or almost any other venue. The portability and ease of use of the inflatable movie screens, combined with a variety of sizes available make inflatable movies screens versatile. Besides being the perfect screen for showing movies; large blowup screens can be used for showing live sporting events, concerts and live video feeds of events like a Presidential Election or UFC Night Fights, or to add a special touch to an event like a graduation ceremony.

Convenience, Portability and Versatility
An inflatable movie screen provides the memorable experience of seeing an event on a large screen without the hassles. These screens can be set up almost anywhere; in the parking lot of a bar broadcasting a big football game, on a college campus, at a large park or even in the middle of a busy city.

The set up and take down time is minimal. If you are having an event in a busy area and need it set up and taken down on the day of the event; a team of trained technicians can set up and take down the screen in only a few hours.

Many outdoor screen sizes are available to accommodate audiences as small as 100 or as large as 10,000. Regardless of the size of the audience or the location of the event; there is a projection movie screen to fit into any budget, allow any size crowed to view the screen, and to make the event an unforgettable one.

Quality matters when it comes to broadcasting a live event. High quality equipment means that the event will look and sound great. These air screens offer bright, colorful, high definition pictures. Crisp pictures and clear sound are important for making these events enjoyable and successfully, and attracting large crowds in the future.

Y&G Inflatable Co., Ltd produced one big inflatable screen, and the size is 100mX8mH. It shows that we have the ability to produce big sizes of inflatable screens.

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