Introduction about inflatable products

1. Three features of inflatable products
(1) practical---inflatable products designed and manufactured by the company are mainly travel pillow, sleeping pillow, cushion for leaning on, sitting cushion etc. which are the most practical goods when traveling or at home.
(2) Economical—filled with air, inflatable products reduce producing, packaging and transporting cost to the lowest level as its filling material is costless compared with sponge, cotton wool and so on.
(3) Convenient—the cubage and weight ratio between inflatable and non-inflatable products are 1/50 and 1/100. Inflatable products are foldable for carrying, which other products can not be comparable with.

2. Material and performance
Inflatable products are usually made of PVC membrane, some are made of membrane sheet such as TPU, PU, EVA etc. but price vary several times or so , which are difficult to popularize. Meanwhile, PVC differs in proof-temperature, proof-pressure and softness. The PVC membrane that our company applies is produced by specified manufacturer and has achieved European standard EN71. These PVC is flavorless, innocuous and secure material with no allergic reaction to human body skin. Inflatable products made of them can stand pressure of 40-80kg (depend on different products ), they are soft and tough , you can rest assured to use them.

3. Membrane valve and traditional air faucet
The inflatable structure of current,inflatable products are all column air faucet which is not only clumsy, but also difficult to inflate and deflate. Our company has exclusively promoted membrane valve, removed the above shortcomings. With membrane valve, children and the old can use them easily and you can change the blowpipe at any time to avoid bacteria so that enhance sanitary condition.

4. Product structure and the human body physiology engineering
The human body physiology engineering put emphasis on the accordance with characters of human body structure when designing products so that they can furthest relieve users’ fatigue extent, achieve the uppermost using effect , make your consumption worth it . Please refer to the following products details.

Y&G inflatable provides many kinds of inflatable products. Welcome to visit our website to get more information about the inflatable products.

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