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Product Knowledge / How to Maintenance inflatable castle?


How to Maintenance inflatable castle?

1, the inflatable castle afraid scratch. The same as the clothes we wear, even the best hanging cloth is also afraid of tearing. Using inflatable castle, be sure to avoid the branches of the air, communication cables and other sharp objects on the hooks. 

2, inflatable castle, afraid of drag. Do not move the inflatable rock climbing, and if a drag, a long time, it is easy frayed. 

3, stay away from fireworks. Occasions in the opening ceremony, guns, fireworks can not do without things. We must be more than 6 meters away from the use of fireworks. 

4, if the dirty how to do? Please wipe with a damp cloth to clean. 

5, In case of wind, rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather equipment should be strictly prohibited in order to avoid accidents. 

6, if long-term need to clean equipment, folding, bundling, packaging good. Storage temperature -50 ~ +40 degrees Celsius is generally appropriate. Equipment should pay attention to rodent infestation bite.
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