Keep fun with the inflatable

Inflatable Bounce Round water slides are particularly enjoyable during the hot summer days. The water slides are constructed of PVC and powered by an electric blower that keeps the slide inflated. Inflatables are designed to allow some air to escape, but occasionally a large hole or tear can allow too much air to escape, which causes the inflatable to collapse. The good news is that you can repair large tears or holes with clear adhesive patches.

Inflate the Bounce Round water slide, but do not turn on the water. Locate the tear or hole that you want to repair. Inspect the area for any debris, dirt or loose threads. Remove all loose threads and dirt by wiping the area gently with a clean cloth.

Clean the area around the hole with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cleaning cloth. Clean an area about two inches all the way around the hole or tear. Wait for the alcohol to completely evaporate.
Peel about one inch of the backing from the adhesive patch. Anchor the patch strip about two inches above the tear in the bounce house. Slowly peel the backing away from the patch while simultaneously smoothing the patch over the hole.

Actually, Y&G will offer a repair kit for free with the inflatable product when shipping. It includes a glue and some pieces material for the same color with the products. This event could help you more easy to repair the tear position and keep fun with the inflatables.

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