Bouncing in the Mushroom

Do you have kids who are always bouncing in your house? Do you always worry about the safety of your kids or your furniture? A bouncing house may be an option for you.

The inflatable bounce house which product number is GL016 is shaped as a mushroom. The pileus is red, which looks like delicious. There are a lot of white dots on the pileus, just like the rains drop on it just a moment ago. It looks like fresh. At the bottom of the mushroom, there is grass and flowers growing surround the mushroom. It seems that the mushroom isn’t plucked yet. And the butterflies are flying around the flowers. This product is designed for the kids. When they have a look at this inflatable bounce house, they will love it.

This inflatable bounce house is 4 meters length, 4 meters wide and 4 meters height. It is suitable to be settled outdoor such as the backyard or the park. It is also of great excellent UV-resistance, cold weather resistance and waterproof, so you don't need to worry about the weather problem.

Let’s bounce in it. The bouncer is flexible. The children can enjoy the bouncing wantonly without worrying about the tear strength. This product is made of 0.55mm PV which is a virtually unbreakable material to resist the hurt from the tearing. In order to prevent puncture, we use a tarp underneath. What’s more, we reinforce the cushion between the wall and the base to relieve the pressure from the active kids.

Quality is important. However, what’s the parents concern most about is the safety of the kids’ health. This inflatable bounce house is of anti-mildew treatment. Sometimes kid would drop their sweat or juice in the bounce house. Wet atmosphere is easy for breeding bacteria or mildew. However, after a series of produce flow, the tarpaulin can prevent the spread of diseases in the common condition.

What’s more, the tarpaulin is also of anti-static. When bouncing in the inflatable bounce house is unavoidable to have a friction with the tarpaulin. The common tarpaulin may create the static power and hurt the skins of the children. How can let the static power to destroy the kids’ mood of joy? We won’t let it happen. We do a series of produce flow to decrease the chance to create the static power.

Certainly, we also have a certification of the odor by the CE, EN14960 and EN71. The content of harmful odor is too low to produce disease. You can be at ease to let the kids bounce in it.

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