The Safety of the Inflatable Boats

Most people do not trust the safety of the inflatable boats. They think it is easy to puncture and can not afford the weight of people. However, the responsible inflatable manufactures such as Pangao Company, will have trials for the inflatable ships, make sure the inflatable ships are safe enough for players.

Firstly, the tarpaulins of the inflatable boats should be chosen carefully. Usually, there are three types of material to be chosen for the inflatable boats. Polyurethane, PVC and rubber fabrics are common material for the inflatable boats. If it is small boats, the rubber fabric can be used as the materials. While PVC is much stronger, so it is used on the larger boats. Choosing the proper material can make sure the boats can be much strong and durable.

Secondly, the structure is also crucial. There are pontoons sewed in the inflatable boats. The pontoons can increase the capacity of the air so that it can increase the buoyancy of the inflatable boats.

Finally, trials are necessary. We do not convince the customers by the theory above, but we also do practise of the inflatable boats. After inflating the proper pressure in the inflatable boats, we will check if the inflatable boats are in a good condition. For example, making sure if the sewing is tight and do not have deflation. Then we will do some bump on the inflatable boats, to make sure if it can afford the pressure outside. If the inflatable boats pass the trials, that means it complies with the standard of the outdoor rowing. We do these trials at SGS or CE. It is reliable.

So, choosing the good company can make sure you can choose the safe inflatable boats. At lease, our products are made of strong material and provide best design. No mater the material and the structure can ensure the safety of the inflatable boats. Safety is the most important thing should be considered, we would care about the quality of our inflatable products and also the safety of the players.

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