The security of the inflatable product

Many people think that the inflatable bouncers, slides, boats are not secure because the players are being on the air. However, the inflatable industry has developed for a period of time. The security problems of the inflatable products have been study for years and the research have borne fruit.

The inflatable recreation facility needs to have good elasticity. The inflatable bouncers, castles and slides need to be leak some airs and supply by the blower system. If it does not leak airs the inflatable toys would be so rigid that it will impact the usage life and effect of the inflatable toys. Leaking some air can make the inflatable bounce more elastic.
If the players follow the rules of using the inflatable product, the inflatable products are seldom broken. The PVC tarpaulins are not easy to be injured. But if the person who wants to damage the inflatable products by the sharp things like knife, the tarpaulins would be broken. In this case, since the inflatable bouncers are apply with air continuously by the blowing system, even the tarpaulins are broken, the inflatable bouncers would not breakdown suddenly. So the kids on the inflatable bounce house are security.

If the power is cut suddenly, there is also no worry. The inflatable bouncers are of sufficient air. It takes time for the inflatable bouncers to deflate. Even if an adult who is of 100kg, when he stands at the top of the inflatable bouncer, it also needs 70 seconds for the adult to reach the ground. So it is security for the kids.

For generally speaking, if we do maintain and use the inflatable bouncers properly, they can last at lease for five years. If the inflatable bouncers are puncture with a tear less than one foot, the tear can be repaired by the patch. Some manufactures will provide you with the kit which is of the suitable patch and the special glue. Follow the steps of the instructions, and you can use the inflatable bounce again. If you repair it according to the instruction, the inflatable bouncers won’t leak from the tear again.

After reading the description above, will you still worry about the security of the inflatable products?

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