This is the chapter one of my series of “A Look Into The Inflatable Industry”.

when do you discover the inflatables around you?

Inflatables dives into our life stealthily.

Many people, from child to adult, from man to woman, from poor to rich, like inflatables. They bounce, jump, slide,  onquer inflatable obstabcles, doing inflatable sports.

Why inflatables so popular?

Maybe because of the vary use of inflatable things. Children’s birthday party(bouncer,inflatable water slides),sailing(inflatable boats), decoration(inflatable Halloween), ect.

Maybe because of the funny. People always can get happiness from inflatables, especially for children.

Of course, inflatable is just used for entertainment, and because of the material you can’t change a door to an inflatable door except you do not care thief go in and out your house.

Parents would like to rental inflatables during some event. Buying inflatable is not like buying watche, safety is the most important!

Next chapter, we will talk about why people like inflatables.

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