How to buy inflatable tent

Inflatable tentwith wind rain and snow cold, dust-proof anti-mosquito isolate an independent and secure personal space for you in the field environment. Tents mainly consists of four parts: internal and external accounts, the bottom bracket, accounts, packaging and auxiliary accessories, design and support of another tent is also an important technical indicators.

To talk about how to choose a tent. First of all, you have to ask yourself three questions:
1:what season or what circumstances you want to use the tent?
2:your tent is often used?
3:how much money you want to spend?

If you just use the tent in the third quarter of spring and autumn, and is used at low altitudes (2000 m), ordinary PU1000 1500 glass rod tent enough.

If you like a personal long-distance travel, buy a single person tent, or 1-2 tents, such as single lever account, or JWS account;

If it is 2 or 3 people, buy the appropriate size of the inflatable tent, in general, each occupied by the width of 55-60 cm. The SUNSHINE account is 1.4 meters wide, so 2 accounts. E225 165 cm wide, 2-3 persons account. LD110 and two meters wide, is the account of four people. Introduced a tent 2-3 person account, so to understand: the thin body people, three people, if that is the fat body person, 2.

If you in the winter as well as relatively high elevation areas, tents, recommend that you buy before consulting and professional awareness, there is a very high risk of such an environment, a critical moment and equipment play an important role. Generally speaking, such an environment need to aluminum pole accounts and PU1500 above coating.

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