Profile of camping inflatable tent

Camping inflatable tent using the form of column framework, the airbag nylon fine high-frequency thermal synthesis of PVC double coated cloth, electric pump inflation to rapid prototyping. Simple structure, high tensile strength, rigidity, good stability, wind, UV, rain, forming fast.

Tent due to the inflatable framework, so forming a recovery very simple, lightweight, simple assembly, hold up fast, rigid, stable and sustainable long time, waterproof and comfortable to use, easy maintenance, long service life, special good adaptability. And other functions, is ideal for the small number of field operations and rapid response.

Camping inflatable tents, waterproof, dustproof, moisture proof, anti-mosquito and thermal insulation. Windows with gauze, anti-mosquito, ventilation and other functions.

The camping inflatable tent picture:

inflatable tent,camping inflatable tent

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