Realize your kids’ dream of being the king of pirate

As the Japanese cartoon’s hit, more and more kids have a dream that becoming the king of pirate. But, in fact, this dream is more possible to realize in the ancient than in nowadays. Even so, the fact can not break up kids’ dream. Affected by this phenomenon, our new production pirate ship inflatable obstacles have been produced.

In the first, you can find that this inflatable production’s base is rectangle which is looked like a pirate ship. Then an inflatable arch with gray skin is in front of the ship and an inflatable cartoon pirate is stand on it. Beside him, there are two pirate flags while there are two fire guns under them. In the rear of the inflatable, the sail is very obvious so that children can deeply feel the exciting of play on it.

Here is our inflatable pirate ship’s simple.

 inflatable obstacles

With the best material PVC, you needn’t worry about its use of time. Because nowadays PVC is the best material in china, the inflatable we produced is extraordinary. In addition, it has many advantages, such as, high durability, high tear strength, fade proof, flame retardant M2/B1, anti-mildew treatment, excellent UV-resistance, cold weather resistance, waterproof, anti-static, heat-Insulation.


Difference from other recreational facilities, our pirate ship inflatable obstacles can fold away after deflating the gas from the outlet. It is not only easy to store but also convenient to set it up, which don’t take you too much place. No matter place it on your yard or in the amusement park or in the square in carnival, our inflatable pirate can easily attract your kids’ attention and makes them indulge in pleasures without stop. So it is time to give your kids a best gift, just has one and you kids will enjoy a fancy, unforgettable childhood.

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