The effect of the inflatable shape

Nowadays, inflatable products are attached great importance because of its effect for advertisement. You can see them from anywhere and anytime. Considering that people will remember some shape rather than the information in detail, the inflatable products used more and more for advertisement.

When you find an inflatable balloon which looks like a football or basketball or other kind of balls, you will easily think that the department store beside you sell some equipments about sports. In the meanwhile, if you find an inflatable milk cans, you can efficiently know that there has powdered milk for selling. 

Printed some English and Korean, it just looks like a cup. It is surely suitable to be a mark of a café. For its large size and special appearance, the passersby can quickly know that there is a café, which will efficiently gain more potential clients for you.

With its side 4mH, it is just 30 kilogram weight, which is litter than other inflatable products in the same kind. In addition, the words on it can be change in others. If necessary, you can require us to print some picture on it, for example, your logo, which can more easily reach your commercial purpose.

You needn’t worry whether this inflatable cup is convent for using. Because it is an inflatable product, you can blow it up by using the blower in several minutes before using it. It is no deny that you can also easily deflate it. If you want, you can pull out its plug, and then allow its gas to release naturally. After all the gas in it has been released, you can fold it away and then store it in a dry place. In general, the place with cool weather is perfect.

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