Inflatable pools for kids

There are plenty of fun inflatable kids' pools with designs to cater to the youngest of swimmers, from small splash pools with shade-cover hoods to pool bouncing castles. Add some floating pool balls to combine some play time with a swim. Children love bright colours, toys and animals, and bringing these into the pool could be a positive step towards water awareness.

Small blow-up pools are great for the children to have a bit of a splash around, and adults may enjoy cooling their toes in a bit of water. But there are bigger, sturdier models available for bigger kids who want to swim, enjoy some water volleyball or other heavy-duty pool fun.

For the ultimate indulgence, why not try an inflatable spa pool? There are different models available, from simple heated pools to full massage spas with enough room for a few friends. The set-up costs are far more affordable than installing a regular hot tub and the units can easily be packed away when not in use.

Something about inflatable pools, be it the fun colours or temporary nature of the structure, leads owners to believe they are safe for children. The reality is that any body of water can be dangerous to young or inexperienced swimmers, so always ensure an adult is supervising activities and never leave young ones to their own devices.

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