How to set up an inflatable air dancer

Remove from the bag, unroll and remove any creases. Find the Wide Velcro Easy Strip at the base of the 'toes' and open the adjustment panel. Then begin to wrap the toe section around the inflatable blower.

The adjustment panel is the 'back of face'. Put this at the back side of your inflatable ad blower machine so that the cartoon face is forward facing. Also use the full depth of the Velcro fitting to the top lip of the blower stand upwards.


 Keep the skin neatly wrapped around the lip and rub down so that both sides of the extra wide Velcro form a nice air seal or bond. Position the final flap over the end so that your skin is snuggly fitted and wont lose any air from the joint. Your'e ready to turn on the fan. 

 The fabric used is a tough nylon polycoated material that can withstand constant flapping. Please beware of cheap imports claiming to have what we have, buy the original and the best and keep your advertising flying. We have tested cheaper, it doesn't work well.


Connect the normal power 240 Volt lead into your plug. You can now operate the unit. Turn on the blower using the adjustable knob and rotate until you have a nice wind flow moving your inflatable advertiser around. The variable driven motor allows different air speed control for different windy days. 

Make a final check to see all is well and that you have allowed sufficient free space around your waving man.
To dismantle, reverse these steps. Turn off, unwind from lip, roll up and store in bag in a dry damp free space.

You can operate the unit freely and continuously. We supply an industrial fan with high quality parts so that your advertising is never let down. 


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