Increased rock climbing, inflatable castle you've played

Our products inflatable castle products, has developed two or three years, but a few years ago like this type of product is rare, but it has recently come to lead the trend of large inflatable play equipment that is inflatable castle plus rock climbing, stimulation, entertainment correct. Different from the ordinary inflatable castle and inflatable climbing products, the perfect combination of the two advantage of in one piece.

Normal specifications of the product as long 15 wide 8 7.5 meters high, made ​​of high-strength PVC and mesh, with even more fan million passengers. Known, inflatable rock climbing material by excellent thickening material is made of, so this price is higher than the ordinary inflatable products. Theme Pretty Goat Pleasant Goat Series, the other for the secondary, plus rocket technology flavor and small animals, a children's inflatable products. The main features of the corners as the main body of nearly 5-meter-high rocket within the center climbing and castles, small layer and small slides. Were excellent Unlike previous climbing excellent eye-catching, about 7 meters high climbing set up the middle of the castle, will not damage even the children climb Lost. In rock climbing the high simulation castle edge also very attractive to children. Not the same blue "walls" on the walls of the red walls reveals the novel features of the product, plus the small slide on the right, is to make the whole not missing the purpose of creativity.

Animal shaped repairing the inflatable castle above and climbing the top is pretty Pretty Goat, coupled with the gatekeepers Pleasant Wolf after hiding in rock climbing is added do not like the taste. Two small slide also designed to stimulate the entertainment of children do not love a good slide space.

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