How to Cleaning and Sanitizing Inflatables

Cleaning and Sanitizing methods vary greatly between inflatable owners. What one business may desire for a cleaning routine, may be completely different from another business. Just remember that what ever routine you choose to do the desired outcome should always be the same... clean, germ free and safe inflatables for your customers and their guests.

Some inflatable businesses have chosen to clean their inflatables immediately after or just prior to their rental onsite. Other business owners take their units out and clean them off the rental location. Cleaning at another location other then the rental location becomes more of a common place as you get more deliveries on a day and you don't have enough time to clean them onsite.

Your first step in your cleaning process is usually to remove all the big debris (dirt pieces, grass, leaves, candy wrappers, etc.). You could try sweeping this out but it usually is not as effective as vacuuming, or some owners have chosen to blow the larger debris out with leaf blowers. (You must always use caution with leaf blowers because of flying debris!) Each method will have it's own pros and cons. Vacuuming each nook, cranny, crevice and seam can become tedious. Whereas using a leaf blower has the potential of being faster but the debris getting blown could be blown back to an area previously cleaned, especially on a breezy day. (There is also the drawbacks of gas blowers because of noxious fumes, or electric blowers because they require a power source.)

The second step is to wipe the unit out. You can wipe the unit out with a cleaner or a multipurpose product that cleans and sanitizes at the same time. If you use a product that only cleans you will also need to follow up with a sanitizer; since, there is a difference between cleaning and sanitizing. Cleaning is removing any undesired dirt, stain or soiling. Cleaning your equipment after each use will help your inflatables stay in presentable and hopefully like-new condition. Sanitizing is removing contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and molds that are injurious to a persons health. Sanitizing your equipment after each use will reassure your customers your committed to their health safety.

When wiping your inflatable out, attempt to wash from the back wall to the front door. It's almost similar to washing a kitchen floor.  You don't want to tread on the area you've already cleaned.  Wash walls and seams you come next to and the floor area and just keeping working toward the door and then exit out the door (or similar exit depending on the inflatable your cleaning) then wash the front step and other outside surfaces.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Products can vary for each desired outcome.

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