The Benefits Of Stand up paddle boards yoga

Do you know? Why is the stand up paddle boards yoga getting more popular ?Stand up paddle boarding and yoga may at first seem like an odd pairing. But, there are many reasons why people enjoy doing yoga on the water. Yoga paddle boards are slightly longer and wider than you all round type board, this makes them more stable on the water. They usually have a softer top and have places to clip and store fitness equipment and bands for using on the board when doing your yoga.

You can think of it as a natural pairing. You get the health benefits of yoga while doing it in a relaxing environment. It helps that using a paddle board adds to the challenge too. The bottom line is that you have a lot more room for doing poses on a paddleboard versus a yoga mat.It requires balance, coordination and a strong core which gives it a lot in common with yoga. That may account for the fact that 42 percent of individuals who paddle board also practice yoga.

What are the benefits of yoga on a standing paddle board:  
You can look at the advantages of SUP yoga in terms of each activity individually and together. Both will give your core quite a workout. That will, in turn, improve your balance and coordination. Strong abdominal muscles will help prevent back pain too. The benefit of doing them both together is that you will ramp up the intensity.

Other than these features, it’s the same thing only with the instability of the water added to the mix. You can do the same asanas like downward dog, bridge pose or lunges just like you do at home or the studio. Of course, you’ll need to become comfortable using a paddle board before you start doing plank poses. But there are plenty of good reasons why you should.
You should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderately intense activity each week to maintain good health. Trying to stay upright on a paddle board is an excellent way to get in your time. SUP yoga has other benefits too. Research has shown that exercising outdoors has a greater impact on your mental and physical well-being than working out indoors.Insist on stand up paddle boards yoga will make you feel good.

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