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What is an Inflatable Castle

An inflatable castle generally consists of four sides, a floor and can be closed or open at the top. To keep the users of the castle from falling out of the structure when bouncing around, there is generally a net, or some sort of barrier at the entrance and at any openings in the walls. Even with multiple users bouncing around in them, inflatable castles are generally safe to use with very little incidents when operated properly.

Bounce houses are generally made of PVC (poly vinyl chloride) or thick, heavy duty nylon. A bounce house is usually inflated with an electric or gasoline powered fan. The fan also keeps the bounce house inflated during use.

Bounce houses are made in a variety of designs such as houses, forts, trains, boats, even animals. In addition to the typical inflatable castle design consisting of four walls; inflatable structures are also made in the form of dry and wet slides, obstacle courses, multi-level and combination play sets. These different styles of inflatable structures have extended the appeal of bounce houses from children to adults as well.

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