Choose a inflatable sup that's right for you

You know life's good when you're surfing in the beach, catching some sun, and enjoying a beach picnic! Stand-up paddle board combines standing (or kneeling) on surfboards and using a paddle to propel yourself. You can do it in the lake or sea, basically anywhere there’s water.

How to Start inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boarding
The best way to get sup is to buy an inflatable paddleboard and go on a day with low wind. It’s likely you may go for a plunge so pick a time when the water is warm and wear appropriate clothing. Pack a towel, change of clothes, and waterproof sunscreen.

For beginners , choose a longer, wider board which will be more stable on the water. Shorter, narrow boards are easier to manoeuver, but are wobblier. There are also inflatable boards that pack-up quite small (great for those living in small spaces or for travelling on the bus to your oasis).Choose a paddle that is about 10-15 cm taller than you so that when paddling you can stand upright. If you’re renting or taking a lesson, ask for help finding the right length. Also, get a properly fitting lifejacket (a must) and wetsuit if you're on cold waters.Because for beginners, the inflatable stand up paddleboard is like a balance beam which It's hard to control their balance.

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