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There are seldom selling inflatable products in some big markets at the moment. And there are not franchised stores for sale these inflatable products. But its market scope is very large. There are many hotels need to add up bunks by the inflatable products. And a few white collars need them for a nap when they have a rest at the lunchtime. Moreover, the direct import prices of this type of product are not on the high side. Its gross profit is about 20%--30%. It is suitable for freshman to operate.

There is a successor whose name is Paki Peng would like to share his successful online sale inflatable products with everyone.

How do you make something from nothing?
Of course, it is not a traditional mean. Paki Peng admitted that his capital was shortage. It was unavoidable to make something from nothing. Due to its risk was large.
At that time, he was work in a company. His duty was responsible for sale products. On the April first, he gave up his job. He devoted himself in online shop. He said that his first business deal was not inflatable. It was cameras. In order to sell these 10 sets of cameras, much effort was gone into this deal. He put the capital of this deal as his working capital fund.
Look for latest products in the exhibition Paki Peng was busy his online business one side. And the other side, he was looking for suitable products for sale. So he often ramble some products exhibitions. He was making use of these opportunities to discover newest inflatable products. He contacted with the factories directly.
Arrange the time reasonable.

At first, establish a business online, all the things including contact the buyers, supplies and send the pictures must be finished depend on him. So the time was very valuable. Every day he got up at 7 o’clock. Until the next day 2 or 3 o’clock, he could go to bed. If you did not arrange time reasonable, you have had your hands full. The time was very tense.
All in all, if you do not find the target markets, it is not necessary for you to devote much energy. And you may not achieve a success.

Now we share Paki Peng’s successful experience. Do you find the business opportunities for yourself? Maybe the next successor is you.

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