Inflatable tunnel

Inflatable tunnel is also called inflatable channel, inflatable aisle. It was specialized designing for kids. It is exciting and thrilling. Most kids love to explore new things, and they are always curious about everything.

There are mainly two design styles for inflatable tunnels: inflatable caterpillar and inflatable train. These tunnels are equipped with toll-gates. Its purpose is to increasing the fun and challenge of the game. The inflatable tunnel is one of the inflatable games. Its design is aimed at the curiosity of kids. It is help to develop the adventure psychological and the brave to challenge the difficulties of kids.

 Firstly, let us enjoy the inflatable caterpillar tunnels. His long colorful body is the inflatable tunnel winding a long way. Inside of the inflatable tunnels, you nearly can see nothing, and it is just like walking at night. The dark environment just can provide the adventure experience. Maybe you are scared or you feel curious about everything you see. That is your magic inflatable tunnels travel experience.

Secondly is inflatable train. Sitting in front of the train, your kids become the train drivers, driving the passengers to their happy future. Inflatable tunnels become quite popular because of its mysterious fascination.
Rainbow slide is made up of variable colors. Its material is adopted international waterproof cloth and importing slide cloth. It is innocuous, anti abrasive.

The latest new design is inflatable sports tunnels. Now inflatable sports tunnels are available for all kinds of events and for any budget. When ordering the products, you can make sure with us about your printing requirements. Now nearly all the inflatable tunnels are designed with personal advertising banners. These tunnels play an important role in sports marketing and promotions. This gives you the opportunity to turn your sports tunnel into an advertising machine.
You do not worry about the price of the inflatable tunnels. The price of the inflatable game is reasonable. You can play in the tunnel with many people at the same time. It is so interesting. It seems that you are in the real time, when you challenge to the unknown game.

The inflatable tunnels are suitable to many situations. Such as family activity, the school sports ground, children’ play ground, business location, community facilities and so on. They are liked by a lot of kids.
If you would like to develop your spirit of adventure, the inflatable tunnels are you good choice.

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