A Bounce House is a Great addition to Your Company party

This is the time of year when a lot of companies plan the annual company picnic.  People are always looking for ideas and ways to put a new twist on things and try to make it a little better than the year before.  Naturally you will have the usual bar-b-que chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers, and what would the picnic be with out the traditional potato sack race. Imagine if this year you came up with something a little different, something like a large inflatable outdoor toy?

Everybody looks forward to this time when the families of a business come together and socialize.  The bounce house will do just that for the kids.

Children love the activity of jumping up and down in a bounce house.  They love the bigness of the structures and they love the bright colors.  Once a child gets inside of an inflatable bounce house, you cannot get them out, it is that much fun. At the end of the day they will have had such a good time and it will be a day they always remember.

There are other types of inflatable outdoor toys that are also a very fun idea to have at a company picnic. Giant clear plastic inflatable spheres are a big hit.  These are fast moving balls that are propelled by the participant’s movement.  They are the perfect alternative to the boring three-legged race and a whole lot safer.  They can also be used for solo fun.

These Outdoor toys come in many shapes and offer all kinds of different activities. The inflatable soccer field complete with soft walls, and bouncy goal posts is always a good choice. The soccer games will go on all day, and soccer moms will feel right at home.

It will more than likely be a hot summer day when your company picnic arrives.  Why not have a mega water slide?  These inflatables will keep all of the children very happy and cool while they play. This is the perfect solution when your location does not have a pool a lake or a river close by.
Some inflatable units are also designed to be full on obstacle courses .  This can provide an enormous amount of fun and challenging games, not only for the kids, but for adults too.

If your location is large enough and your budget allows for several units, you can make the inflatables the theme for your picnic.  Inflatables are things that get pumped up and your picnic can be a fun way to pump up the motivation of the staff.

There are so many styles to choose from like the ever-popular island theme.  Consider the possibilities of using the inflatables to create an atmosphere.  A tropical inflatable bounce house with a big wave water slide could create the perfect environment to accompany bar-b-que Hawaiian chicken or Jamaican Jerk.

An elephant water slide and a lion bounce house would be the perfect match for an African safari themed picnic. 

In the end it will not matter which inflatable you choose, a bounce house, a water slide, and obstacle course or personal spheres, these outdoor toys will enhance the fun at your next company picnic.

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