Fundraising Made Easy With Inflatables

The personal inflatable sphere is a huge clear ball that the participant stands in.  It can move incredibly fast and is fueled by the participants running momentum.  This inflatable can be used for races with other participants or it can be used for solo fun.

The soccer area is a large inflatable unit with 8-foot high walls and goal posts.  With its soft bounce house surroundings it provides cushion and a different kind of soccer experience. The soccer inflatable can sit in a field or on a gymnasium floor.

The bounce house boxing arena comes equipped with large sized boxing gloves and provides a safe way to play the contact sport of boxing.

Everybody seems to love the  Dragon Obstacle course. This inflatable obstacle course is 70 feet long.   Children enter by way of the mouth of the dragon.  Once you have maneuvered your way through the course, you then exit through the tail of the dragon.

Children always seen to be attracted to the slide inflatables .  They love the bright colors.  Inflatable slides come in an endless amount of styles, so having more than one can mean extra income.

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