Clubhouse Climber Bounce House

The Clubhouse Climber from KidWise Outdoors is a residential grade inflatable bounce house intended for kids up to 12 years old and are under 100 lbs. Capacity is up to 5 kids at one time. This is an large bouncer slide combo. The foot print required for this unit is approximately 16' x 16'. Like all inflatables, it is recommended that you add a minimum of a 3' perimeter for your safety zone.

I am not sure who was more excited to test this inflatable out, the kids or me? I have been writing product reviews on inflatables for quit some time. Therefore, my kids have had a lot of playtime with inflatables. Be prepared, this arrives in one box and weighs approximately 130 lbs. The bouncer itself weighs under 120 lbs. It took me about 15 minutes to unpack and set up. Most of that time was consumed opening the packaging of this bouncer. The inflatable time was right at one minute.

Kids have several options for entering the Clubhouse Climber. On the front right corner of the inflatable is a ramp entry tunnel. This is the easiest way for kids of all ages to enter. No parental assistance needed. If this is were the kids enter they will come in to the bounce area. The bounce floor for the Clubhouse Climber is approximately 6' x 8'. Plenty of room to accommodate 3 bouncers at a time. In the back right corner of the bounce area is a climbing wall that takes the kids to the next level up. Once on this second level, the kids can venture down the slide that is right in front of them, turn to the right and exit through climbing wall, or turn to the left and explore the catwalk to the tower. If the kids choose the catwalk they will find the tower with the third slide. The tower slide is a curved slide that returns to the bounce area.

From a kids perspective, this bouncer slide combo has hours of imagination and adventure. From a parents perspective the Clubhouse Climber get 2 thumbs up!!! Once your kids are in this inflatable there is plenty for them to do. There is a natural counterclockwise flow that keeps the kids moving. This is a definite bonus. Not only does this wear the kids out, it keeps them separated, which ultimately promotes a safer environment. Not to mention, this inflatable is one of the only ones that I have come across that uses green and tan as the color scheme. This definitely blends in to the natural surroundings a little more then the traditional carnival colors.

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