Inflatables become more and more popular all over the world.However,with the increasing market,some suppliers would rather making more profit than caring about the safty of the kids.

Here is the small episode in Y&G’s  meeting about the quality control:
Today, our boss——Mary had a week meeting with sales. One colleague suggested factory use some bad material and thread in parts with little strength, so to low our cost and much lower our price.  But beyongd all our expection, my boss refused his advice, his idea as follows:

“1.If one time we use bad material, we will get client's complaint, that will destory our high fame of these years
2. If one time we use bad material, the factory worker will be careless in making, client will complain and this will cause much remake. After long time, our quality must go down and down.

3.We put cautious idea to workers first day they join factory, so we can't destory the cautious culture.

4、We are a responsible enterprise.We can not in order to make more profit and ignore the safty of the kids.

5. World market will finally choose good quality. Low quality will surely be given up by nature. So, we prefer to insist best quality than lowest price. "

Above is only our one meeting details. It just shows we Y&G firm belief to clients. I think that is why we still have so many old clients. Frankly speaking, I'm touched by my boss insist. We believe only our clients win can we win!

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