The typ of inflatables(4)

Hello,everyone!A new day is coming,let’s enjoy every minute in Y&G’s amazing world.

Today, I will introduce the promotional inflatables. . Promotional inflatables includes air dancer, arch, balloon, tent, blimp, product shape, etc.

7、Air dancer. As seen by the name, it can dance in the air. Do you know wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man? It’s popular these days. Business man promote their brand using air dancer. The kinetic dancers will attract people’s attention.

8、Arch can be seen in many big events. It stand there, usually in red, with a blower on the side constantly blowing air. And, promotional words are written in big size on both side of arch.

9、 Balloon. Balloon is like air dancer, but with a round top like a ball.Some merchants inflate it with helium that when the balloon fly in the sky,more people can see it, the effect of the advertisment will be more influential.

10、Blimp. It’s not fire balloon, but a promotion method. We can often see blimps in the city sky, flying around to promote brand and build brand reputation.

11、Product shape. Inflatable product shape is a method to promotion too. Mcdonalds and KFC always do this to promote. Beer, shampoo, tyres, many and many, you can see them everywhere.

For this series of inflatables will be stopped here.But Y&G’s passion will never stop.See you tomorrow.

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