Setting up an inflatable swimming pool slide

Setting up an inflatable swimming pool slide is easy. The first step is to fill the slide with air using either a hand pump or electric pump. Some models have tie-downs, making it easier to hold in place while others have anchors that need to be filled up with water. The slide has a water jet that has to be connected to a water line, typically a water hose. Most of the inflatable swimming pool slides are made of polyvinylchloride (PVC) material, a hard plastic that is specially built to withstand extremely warm weather conditions. This guarantees endless summers of fun at home with family and friends.

Some models are anchored to the pool side. Access to this type of inflatable slide is from outside of the pool. The other type of inflatable slide is set in the pool water, no longer requiring you to step out of the pool to climb it.

Who says the fun stops in winter season? Some of these inflatable slides can even be used during winter. Children especially have more fun in the snow with these inflatable slides.

There are available accessories for inflatable swimming pool slides that I would recommend to owners. While some suggest buying an electric pump, I use a hand pump just to allow myself to flex some muscles once in a while to inflate my pool and slide. A vinyl repair kit is also important in case there is a need to patch up holes. Although it rarely happens and it also depends on how careful you are as an owner and user, it does no harm to be always prepared.

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