Inflatable mascot tunnels

Name:Inflatable mascot tunnels

And you can use your inflatable mascot tunnels for other things entrance to a festival or trade show.  Or any type of "kids day" promotion for your sports team.  The real truth?  Sports tunnels that are emblazoned with your team's graphics area great for almost any type of event or promotion. 
If you're not sure of your budget...don't worry.  Most companies are willing to do a lot of advertising with their favorite team, and what better advertising could a company get than to have it's name and logo in bold letters and colors all across the side of your Sports Entry Tunnel ?  Just put the word out and sponsors will be begging to help you purchase your new sports tunnel.
An Inflatable Mascot Tunnel is one of the best ways you can find to support your local high school, college or professional team.  Call Sports Central Creations today and we'll design exactly what you need to represent your team the right way!

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