What Is Special About The AEOR Inflatable Slide

The inflatable slides that have been manufactured by AEOR Y&G inflatable Co.,Ltd. have become bestsellers for the follows main reasons.

They deliver exactly what they promise.

It is all soft, even a small child could use it with supervision. and durable enough!!!

All the slides are remarkably colourful as well as being incredibly robust.

These structures are large and are extremely child friendly and you will be able to sit in your garden and watch as your kids and their friends play happily as they slide up and down Water Slide and plunge into the water filled pool at the bottom.

Inflatable slides come on all shapes and sizes but the products within this company¡¯s range are large enough so that youngsters are able to go up the back of it using the strong ladder rungs that are attached. When they arrive at the top they need only to sit down and using their hands, push themselves off and down they go. It is definitely an exciting slide down and there is a fantastic smooth landing when they find themselves in the water at the end of the ride.

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