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The original inflatable game was the Moonwalk (bounce house). Today there are a wide variety of inflatable games that come in all shapes and sizes.

As one of the leading inflatable manufactuer in China, Y&G provide wide range inflatable games all over the world. Our inflatable products are mainly divided into five parts: inflatable toy, inflatable advertising, inflatable water games, inflatable tent and inflatable boat. However, all of them are for entertaining.

Many inflatable games put people in head to head competition with other people, we call it “interactive inflatable”, such as the bungee run, gladiator joust and climbing sport. There are also several inflatable obstacle courses available. Because of their large size, most obstacle courses consist of two or more inflatables connected together.

There are also several variations on sports games which are made portable thanks to inflatables. For example, A sports cage is an inflatable cage that holds up a backdrop that resembles a sport (e.g. soccer) in which you throw, toss, hit or kick a ball at a marked spot on the backdrop. The cage not only holds the backdrop but keeps balls from flying everywhere.

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