How To Clean Inflatable Pool

It is summer and you are about to take the big step and purchase an inflatable pool. This is an excellent choice for first time pool owners. After you set up your pool, you spend all summer swimming, having fun, and keeping cool. Now, you are ready to take the pool down, but you notice that after the summer fun, it is slimy and dirty. What do you do? How do you start cleaning your inflatable pool? In this article, we will discuss the steps to cleaning your pool. This is easier if you have more than one person, so recruit the kids, with a reward of ice cream after a job well done.

Step 1

After the inflatable pool is empty, but still set up. You will need these supplies:
1. Broom and dust pan
2. Scrub brush
3. Old rags and large towels preferably made of 100% cotton.
4. A hose with a high power nozzle attached, long enough to reach your pool
5. Large black garbage bag
6. A five-gallon bucket; filled with water and ¼ cup of liquid disinfectant.

Step 2

Climb inside the empty pool, have someone hand you all the listed supplies above. First, you will need to sweep all the loose debris into a pile at the center of pool. Place the debris in the black garbage bag. Sweeping can be fun for the kids let them take part in this fun step.

Step 3

Take the hose and turn the nozzle to a high power stream, start from the top down and in a back and forth motion spray all the way around the inflatable pool. This is a step; the kids can participate in, one last hurrah, before the summer ends.

Step 4-Adults Only

Be very careful in this step, you need to take all precautions regarding poisonous fumes; having someone end up in the hospital is not a happy end to your summer fun. An adult should take and use a rag and scrub brush to dip in the water liquid disinfectant mix and go all the way around starting from top gradually going to the bottom wiping and scrubbing any slimy gunk left over. You will stop, frequently to catch a breath of fresh air. The disinfectant will kill any germs left over from your summer fun.

Step 5

Take all items out of pool. Repeat step 3.

Step 6

Take your towels and dry as much of the excess water off the sides and bottom of your pool. Let your pool dry for approximately 2 hours until all of the pools insides are dry.

With a clean pool, you are ready to complete the task of taking it down and storing it for the winter. After a long winter of fun activities, you will be able to set up your clean inflatable pool next summer. Maintaining and keeping your pool clean, throughout the summer, will make cleaning an easier task, at the end of the summer. An inflatable pool cover really helps keep your pool clean longer, when water in the pool, becomes exposed to the sun, this will cause your water to produce algae, making the water slimy and green. Enjoy this time with your children, they are memories to cherish, forever. Have a safe and wet summer.

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