How to Set Up and Take Down an Inflatable Attraction

1. Inflatable products usually come rolled and tied to keep them compact. First you need to determine where the front of the attraction is located and place it accordingly in the area where you wish to set up the item. The inflatable products are very large, and can be very heavy when moving them.

2. Unroll the entire inflatable and unfold any extra parts, ramps, platforms, arches, etc. that may be part of the item. Organize the item exactly how you want it positioned.

3. Make sure that all vents and zippers are closed. Locate the tube(s) that extend out of the item and are used for attaching the "blower(s)". Attach the blower(s) and be sure that they are connected securely and without any gaps for air to escape through. plug the blower in and turn it on. Step back while the item inflates. Depending on the size of the item it may take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to completely inflate.

4. Once the item is inflated and firm. Use the stakes and hammer to stake down the inflatable in all the needed areas. These usually will have a D-ring or looped strap on the edges of the item. They are usually located on the corners and mid-section. Be sure all straps are taut, and that there is a bright colored cone or ribbon on all stakes so no one will trip over them!

5. Enjoy your inflatable! Be sure all users are safe and abide by any weight, height, or health restrictions given by the rental companies or manufacturers.

6. When taking down the item. Turn off and disconnect the blower. Let the item deflate, unzipping and opening the vents will help very much to speed up this process. While it deflates take out all stakes. Once the item is deflated, fold all the extra parts, ramps, platforms, arches, etc. towards the center. Then take one long side of the item a third of the way in. repeat with the other side. Next walk/march down each fold to squeeze any extra air out (this will make it easier to roll up) repeat this a few times. After you finish "walking it out" fold one side over the other so you have one single section. Begin rolling from the front to back, making the roll as tight and small as you possibly can. Once finished secure a ratchet strap or whatever rope that was provided around the roll. Now you're done!

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