What is an inflatable arch and how to use it

Inflatable arch (also called rainbow doors) including ordinary inflatable rainbow doors, modelling rainbow doors, special modelling arch and more CaiMen arch 。It is so very convenient, quick, affordable properties that get a much favour of the businesses.At present, the opening ceremony and all kinds of fair trade fairs, the activities of the outdoor advertising media preferred. It has the visual impact effect, making advertisement audience photographic so it achieve a more direct and more powerful, more effective advertising,which is helpful to set up grand enterprise image, and promote the enterprise image and effectivly. In the words, it not only can display enterprise abundant strength, but also promote the enterprise image promotion.

Inflatable arch is light and easy to carry, not only use comfortable and be recycled. Because it is very easy to clean. Convenient firm  design is easy to inflate and put gas so that when it lay folded gas it can save a lot of space.It has the andvantage of not easy to tear, and not degum layer, good sealing, etc.In the meanwhile,it has high strength, good flexibility , excellent tensile, tear resistance, resistance to stripping characteristics,also has fire retardant,  antioxidant properties such as waterproof, fight corrupt, prevent oil, acid and alkali resistance to high temperature and cold.

Inflate the use of the arch

First, fixed the power cord, do not open and close the door block;

Second, open the bag arch, launched the arch, in front of the arch two rope buckle on respectively fasten the rope, behind of two rope buckle also fasten the rope.

Third, respectively put sandbags to the two lower margin in the arch.

Fourth, blowing model gas, adjust good position; if not stable, please use buckle before and after the rope on the rope will arch fixed;

Fifth, before use of  arch you need to pay attention to the weather forecast , if there is the wind, you need to prepare for the fixed ropes, sandbags . If there is a wind of the above six, is unfavorable to blow arch;

Six, when you are using, if is not carefully touch off the power make the arch down, just to put good power supply, arch can stand up again

Inflate the maintenance of the arch
Firstly, model gas afraid of scraping the broken as we wear clothes, again good material also afraid of scraping the tear. Use the inflatable arch , please avoid air branches, communication cable's iron hook etc sharp objects.
Second, afraid of drag when you  need to move the model gas, please  lift and moving firstly. If touchdown drag, time is long, very easy to wear out.
Thrird, in celebration occasions, cannon, fireworks is cannot get close to it.
Fourth, gas modules have lose material, can use broom tools such as pat clean; If is dirt, can use wet cloth clean.

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