Inflatable Water Slides for Kids

During summer time, parents and children can enjoy some fun in the sun in their backyards by having their own inflatable water slides. Various types of inflatable water slides are available on the market. Parents can choose from a simple water slide or go for a deluxe one complete with a tunnel and wall for climbing. Designs vary depending on the style of water slide suitable for your family. Usually, it could take two kinds of inflatable water slide for optional.

1.Single Slide:
A single slide may be simple but it can give your child an opportunity to use his imagination. Some designs of a single inflatable water slide come with water guns attached at the end of the slide. The child can squirt friends or family by grabbing the water gun right after they slide down. The slide is easy to inflate and some may come with a blower motor upon purchase. It only takes about two to three minutes to inflate and you will just need a garden hose to put water on it. Most of these slides are made of durable material so kids can have fun jumping and sliding for hours.

2.Complete Water Park:
A complete water park includes tunnels, water cannons, walls for climbing and a huge splash pool. Some designs have multiple slides so several children can slide down simultaneously using any one of the slides. This can be a good investment for parents because children can use it to entertain their friends during weekends or birthday parties. This type of inflatable slide only takes about three minutes to inflate as it comes with its own compressor. The only thing you have to consider is the space since you will need to have plenty of room to accommodate this water slide.

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