Inflatables Promote Healthy Kids

If you have kids, you have no doubt experienced the way video games and other sedentary activities can draw their attention. Watching a young kid take to a smartphone or a tablet computer is amazing, and many parents watch in amazement as their kids' fascination with gadgets turns into a skill. But kids can binge on games if we let them, and it's important to get them out of the bounce house. Moving those developing muscles is essential, and can help fight childhood obesity. Leaving the house and getting the heart rate up helps kids psychologically too. Exercise can be a factor in fighting depression and stress. Bouncing in bounce houses - aka "moonwalks" or "moon bounces" - can be a fantastic source of aerobic activity.

What's more, the very young are still learning how their muscles function, meaning that jumping in a bounce house can be a valuable tool for motor skills development. The way their legs interact with different surfaces, and getting an intuitive understanding of elasticity as well as the feeling of gravity's pull are all pieces of information kids are subconsciously absorbing as they bounce. Smaller kids should, of course, get their own time in the bounce house, separate from the bigger kids. This is not just because the bigger kids can be aggressive, forming a hazard, but because the toddlers can benefit from more freedom to explore the inflatable play space.

Finally, while video games and movies can be exciting for the imagination, the "blank canvas" effect of an inflatable play area gives kids the opportunity to imagine their own scenarios. They may be on another planet, or exploring a magical cloud city. The inflatable structures of the bounce house might be castle walls or friendly dinosaurs. Kids' imaginations are unlimited, and unlike with video games, a bounce house provides infinite space for their minds to fill.
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